30-Day Blogging Challenge

It seems like challenging people to do things is all the rage now.  I have opted out of some of these challenges pervading social media because they seems bandwaggony to me, and I try to make a conscious effort not to blindly follow popular culture.  Plus, the challenges of late feel more like peer pressure and attention seeking devises rather than real challenges – “a call to take part in a contest or competition; an objection or query as to the truth of something.”

Hey, if you want me to take part in something all you have to do is ask, or tell me that I can’t do it. The latter is usually a foolproof way of getting me to anything.

A long time ago, someone sent me a 30-day blogging challenge from Live Love Simple.  I don’t like challenges, but I do like lists.

Daily prompts are a great way to train one’s self to write every day. I used a couple of books of daily writing prompts when I first started writing in college. I didn’t have the means to take creative writing classes when I was an undergrad, so I thought I’d teach myself by way of inexpensive books and the library. The lists gave me something to write about until my brain was trained to grab ahold of the prompt the day naturally gave me.

Now I have to retrain myself to sit down and write what I observe during the day.  Hopefully, this challenge is going to help me sit down and write.

Each day I will be posting on the following prompts:

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Tomorrow I will be telling you about the name of my blog, Nincompoopery.  Stay tuned. I’m sure it will wildly interesting.

Do you like using daily prompts to help inspire writing?


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