Challenge Day 1: My Blog’s Name

photo credit: Battlefield 3 Funtage
photo credit: Battlefield 3 Funtage

Why did I choose to call my blog Nincompoopery?  Stupid crap happens to me all the time. Some of it, I’ll admit, is of my own unintentional making; thus the tag line “bad decisions make good stories,” but some of it just simply happens while I’m standing there.

Let me explain. One of my latest stories, “Nincompoopery at the Dentist,” was about a ridiculous situation in which I most certainly unintentionally placed myself. I thought I was a grown up, but I’m not. However, some of the weird stuff just happens to me. Before I started writing this post, I checked my stats and noticed that someone in the world googled “urinating romper” and found my blog. What?! Urinating romper? That’s how someone comes to find my blog?

I googled it myself: “urinating romper.”  I searched four pages and no sign of my blog.

How far did this someone search before they found me?  I was kind of impressed with this person’s persistence and dedication.

I googled “urinating romper nincompoopery” and ta-dah! The very first one on the list. I clicked on it and went straight to “Caught with my pants on” (a cute little story posted two years ago about a conversation with my oldest daughter and the inconveniences of wearing rompers, a.k.a. jumpers).

We can see
photo credit:

I reread it and fondly remembered wearing rayon. It seriously feels so good against the skin. I miss rayon.

Even after all the reminiscing, the fact that someone googled “urinating rompers” really bothered me. Not only that, but as an English instructor, the phrase just didn’t make sense. First, rompers do not urinate, so the person’s search terms should be insufficient, and thus turn up “nothing found.” Google is perpetuating bad language skills. I should write a strongly worded letter.  The terms should be “how to urinate in a romper” or “mishaps while urinating in a romper.” Although, I suppose those search terms are insufficient, also. One doesn’t urinate IN a romper. Yuck. One has to urinate while wearing a romper, so really the person is trying to find information on “how to urinate while wearing a romper without urinating on one’s self.” I suppose that phrase is too long and is why the person just googled “urinating rompers.” Still.

And I’m still not completely happy that my blog popped up.

And that is why I named my blog Nincompoopery.  Maybe I should change the tag line to “sometimes you make it happen, sometimes it happens to you.”

What do you think?



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