Random Thoughts Friday #11

I have only had one thought this entire week. As you probably noticed, I didn’t post a “Bad Decision” on Tuesday because this one thought has been so prevalent and powerful, plaguing me even in my sleep to the point I have awakened and paced the floor, that all other thoughts have had no chance to germinate and make themselves known.

What thought can be so all-encompassing that it banishes the very possibility of having another thought?

Well question no further.

Here it is.

1. Sending your child away to college sucks. It hurts worse than childbirth, and that was indescribable pain.  Someone should really tell you when they are little that you will pour your heart and soul into these creatures, helping them to dream their enormous dreams, giving them eyes to see the infinite possibilities of their future, training them to be upstanding moral citizens who walk by faith,  just to have your heart ripped out when they have to leave to prepare for the life you have encouraged.

Did you hear me?

They have to leave in order to prepare for their life.

I know that’s how it works.

I know that leaving home to pursue her dreams is best for G.

I did it. You probably did it.

But I don’t have to like it.

At the same time that I’m excited for G to start this part of her life, I am sad because childhood has ended. But my sister, #8 (who speaks wisdom into my life more often than she is aware) insists that adulthood is even better. But I have to let G go first.

I don’t like it.

It hurts.

Okay, so I’ve had another thought.

2. Whelp G.  This is it.  Borrowing the word’s of Danell Leyva’s father, “Trust your training.”

Oh, one more thing: I don’t have a lucky towel to give you. They don’t work anyway.

Oh, I guess I have a second one-more thing: You can’t move back in once you leave. It’s best for you.

Oh, and a third one-more thing: Remember, that I love your guts and I’m going to miss your mug something fierce.


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #11

  1. Aw. I’m sending you cyberhugs too!! On the up side, you will have a whole new relationship with her–a grown up one where she seeks your advice before making decisions and invites you to do “lunch.” And, I’m sure she will miss you as much as you miss her.

      1. That’s crummy. You need to do something really fun to take your mind off her. Hm. I think a Peanut buster parfait from the DQ is in order. I’m sorry, but I’m hungry right now, so food equates to fun.

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