Random Thoughts Friday #10

1. The older I get the less I feel like fighting the urge to do something spontaneous.

2. My 2012-13 brain. Isn’t it lovely?!

3. Lists, lists, lists, lists… I love lists!

4. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then my house is hell.  I have stacks and stacks of stuff I’ve purchased for surprise gifts for other people. “Just thinking of you” gifts, baby shower gifts, “I thought of you when I saw this” gifts that have never made it out of my house.  I guess if you want your gifts, you’ll have to go to hell to get it.

5. I like how the word unctuous sits at the back of the throat before rolling forward and falling off the tongue.

6. Reminder to self: never, ever, never substitute for a teacher on the first day of school. EVER.

7. I have a feeling that I was a quirky kid. Maybe that’s why I appreciate and foster the quirkiness in my own kids.

8. You only have so much time to have fun in this life.  Take advantage of it while you can!

9. I love teenagers who think I’m funny. They are completely unaware they validate my existence.

10. If it weren’t for visitor come over, my house would probably never get cleaned.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a clean house.  It’s just my hate of cleaning outweighs my love of a clean house.


What are your thoughts?

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