Writing Challenge Day 22: Worst Habits

Yelling, by far, is my worst habit.

And speeding. Speeding has gotten me into a bit of trouble. I have taken the STOP class 6 times. Dad, 30 years old, Houston, TXMy license has been suspended twice, I think. Two insurance companies have dropped us from coverage (the second one wasn’t all my fault. my hubby helped with that one), and I am currently being a 5-mile-an-hour-over-the-speed limit driver in hopes to work my way out of being considered high risk.

I, of course, blame my bad driving habits on my dad. He taught me every thing I know about being a sucky driver. I detail some of the absurdities in Weekend Theme: Blame Dad.

Come to think of it, I picked up yelling from good ol’ Dad, too.

One thought on “Writing Challenge Day 22: Worst Habits

  1. hahaha…I got my last ticket when we had the foster kids…I had already gotten a ticket when all the kids were with me that cost me 250 bucks just the week before. This particular ticket came after youth group, Jim and I were driving along having a heart to heart about Godly matters and I got another 250 dollar ticket…I was embarrassed and humiliated and decided setting my cruise was what I would have to do. It was hard. I love to speed. Yelling. Grandson kind of took the yell out of me. I just can’t do it. AND I love that picture of Mom and Dad.

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