Writing Challenge Day 18: A photograph of myself


Our “Happy New Year” cards.

Why “Happy New Year” instead of “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”?


This one was taken after the Christmas Eve service at our church.
2014 family photo taken after the Christmas Eve service at our church.

1. We get our family picture taken on Christmas Eve because it is the one time of year we are all together and dressed in color-coordinated clothes nice enough for photographing and mass distribution.

2. By the time I get them to Walgreens for printing it is after Christmas and before New Years.

3. New Year’s Day arrives and I remember to pick them up from Walgreens.

4. January 5th rolls around and I have time to put them in an envelope and address them.

5. It’s about January 17th and my sister has texted me asking if I am ever going to send out the kids’ school pictures. She’s not curious, but bumped into my mother-in-law at Casey’s and was questioned.

6. On or about January 20th or April 3rd, I remember to mail them.


 My Uncle Jerry and me


My Uncle Jerry and me. Taken at Golden Corral the beginning of December 2014.
December 2014.

Next to my husband and children, Uncle Jerry is my most favorite person on the planet. We have been best buds since I was eight years old. The summer of 1982, I wore a Meatloaf (the band) tshirt to his house, and he called me Meatloaf until I graduated from High School. Uncle Jerry makes the world a much nicer and more humorous place to live. I love him.


Happy New Year!


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