Writing Challenge Day 17: My favorite blogs

I subscribe to 113 blogs here at WordPress and a handful of others from miscellaneous other sites. The following blogs are not in order of importance, and the only reason they are alphabetized is because I keep my Reader alphabetized.  Easily found things helps me combat my ADD.

1. Against All Grain – This food blog changed my life. I have suffered from a grain intolerance my entire life and didn’t know it.  I never knew that how I was feeling wasn’t normal. It took being diagnosed with hypothyroidism cause by Hashimoto’s disease to get me researching.  Danielle’s story, although much more dire than mine, connected to mine, and her transparency helped me to find the answers that I wasn’t getting from my doctors.

2. Brevity – The literary creative nonfiction blog that coincides with the literary creative nonfiction magazine of the same name.  Inspiration, challenge, craft development are the reasons why I read this blog. Plus, they publish some awesome essays. 🙂

3. Bad Christian – Created and maintained by Matt and Toby from Emery and a pastor by the name of Joey Svendsen. Breaking through the ideal many Christians have about the way Christians are supposed to act and think. They are honest and crisp and will clip you off at your knees. I love this blog and podcast.

4. The Book Shelf of Emily J. – This chick read 72 books this year. 72 books! This is one of my favorite touchstones when deciding what to read.

5. J.S. Park – His byline reads “Atheist turned pastor: A blog for the busted-up, beaten down Christian (like me).” Read the “Bad Christian” blurb above. Same goes.

6. Morning Story and Dilbert – This blog inspired my “Monday Morning Coffee” series. Which, by the way, I need to start writing again.

7. The Thesis Whisperer – Because one cannot read too much about writing.

There you have it. My favorite blogs in no certain order.

If you have a favorite blog, please leave it in the comments below. I am always interested in new things to read!


One thought on “Writing Challenge Day 17: My favorite blogs

  1. I also love Against All Grains, I also enjoy Lysa Terkeurst and Sarah Mandl. 🙂 I always look to see if you have posted. 🙂

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