Writing Challenge Day 12: My favorite childhood book

As I explained on Challenge Day 2, I didn’t really learn to read until I was in the sixth grade, so I didn’t really have a favorite book until I was in high school. I do remember trying to read from an old reader that one of my brothers or sisters forgot to return to one of the schools they went to, but I can’t remember the title.
I do have two favorite books that I loved reading to my kids when they were small. I bought them the entire collection of Dr. Seuss, but the two books we read every night were I Love You This Much and The Kissing Hand.

I love you this much

I Love You This Much is about a little brown rabbit who tries to best his mother’s love. What he doesn’t understand is that a mother’s love is about as big as it gets.

The book we had was an enormous board book that was just about the same size as she was. She loved turning the big pages. We read it every night when she was little, and when we adopted F and Z, we read it every night with them.  The binding has fallen apart and has been re-secured with clear packing tape and the pages have had water spilt on them, but it will be forever one of our favorites.


kissing hand

This is a heartwarming story of a little raccoon who is afraid to go to night school. Although his mother tries to convince him that he will have fun and meet all kinds of new friends, he doesn’t want to leave her side. To reassure him that she will always be with him, she places a kiss in his hand. We read this so much that the night before Z went to Kindergarten, he gave my palm a small kiss so I wouldn’t miss him.

I wouldn’t give up my life with books for anything.

What are your favorite books?




One thought on “Writing Challenge Day 12: My favorite childhood book

  1. I remember getting a new Nancy Drew book every Friday for babysitting while Mom and Dad went grocery shopping….I passed them down to Kryz who passed them on to Lynsey. It seems like there was someone else that read them, it may have been you or one or two of the other sisters but I can’t remember…Kryz has them all again now. As a grown up I think my favorite book would have to be Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz…I don’t know if he intended it to be a spiritual lesson of epic proportions but for me it was, so heavy in fact that 6 months after I read it I had to pull off the road because I was crying so hard I couldn’t see to drive, when I got hit with the lesson from that book.

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