Writing Challenge Day 11: Top 10 favorite foods

1. Ice Cream

Is that a food? If it isn’t it should be.

2. Popcorn

Specifically Cousin Willie’s Cinnamon Toast microwave popcorn, but my local Kroger doesn’t carry it anymore, so I’m stuck with Kettle Corn.

Photo Credit: southernplate.com
Photo Credit: southernplate.com

3. Baked macaroni and cheese

Nothing better than the gooey stringiness of the cheese melted over noodles. I have a killer recipe for white macaroni and cheese. I may have to do another food posting.

4. Lasagna

Again, the melty ooey-gooeiness of warm cheese.

5. Chicken enchiladas

Again, I have a killer recipe.

6. Garlic-Rosemary Roasted Chicken

Do I need to explain this one?

7. Banana Bread

I have made more banana bread now that I have gone grain-free than I have in my entire life. This recipe from Against All Grain produces the moistest bread, so warm and aromatic. I can eat the entire loaf and my body doesn’t try to kill me. By the way, its packed with protein and made with raw honey instead of granulated sugar.

Banana bread I made for my Monday evening women's group. Find the recipe here:
Banana bread I made for my Monday evening women’s group. Find the recipe here:

8. Petite Filet

Medium rare please. Happiness in a hunk of meat.

9. Oyster Stew

Most fabulous when eaten on a Nebraskan Christmas Eve. A tradition from my husband’s family that I have happily adopted. The dressing made for Christmas dinner out of the leftovers is absolutely scrumptious.

Photo Credit: whatscookingamerica.net
Photo Credit: whatscookingamerica.net

10. Cinnamon-honey Baked Sweet Potatoes

Thank you Whiskey Creek for introducing me to this tiny bit of heaven in a tuber. Again, raw honey instead of granulated sugar and clarified butter = yummy and healthy.

What are your favorite foods?


What are your thoughts?

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