Writing Challenge Day 9: What is in my purse



What is in my purse? Really?  Trust me, no one cares what is in my purse, unless they want to rob me.

For those who want to snatch my purse (besides being chased down and having a writing pen lodged in your temple), here’s is what will happen when you burgle my handbag:

You will be very disappointed.

For a bag that weighs in at 20 pounds, there is surprisingly very little in it. The weight you are feeling is from the two notebooks and 17 pens I carry with me everywhere I go (you never know when inspiration will strike).

One thing you will most certainly NOT find in my bag is money. Even if you try to use the credit card, you will be able to pay for a #3 meal at Chic Fil A and that’s about it.

Oh, and good luck using my ID. I have an unpaid speeding ticket from who knows how long ago, and I’m pretty sure my license has been suspended. So you really are running the risk of going to jail for me. I guess I should be thankful that you are willing to do such a thing for a total stranger. What a giver you are!

That’s okay, you say? You’ll just steal my identity, you say. Well thanks for that, too. My credit is so deplorable that it can’t go anywhere but up.

So… what’s in my purse?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.




What are your thoughts?

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