Writing Challenge Day 8: My top 5 goals

According to the 30-day Blog Challenge list, today I am supposed to divulge 5 of my current goals.

Current goals? Okay, but my current goals are rather unimpressive, so I’m going to post “5 Easily Attainable Current Goals” and “5 Not-so Easily Attainable Current Goals” just to save face.

5 Easily Attainable Current Goals:

1. Finish painting the laundry room (This project has been in the making for about a month. I ran out of paint three quarters of the way through and completely lost all momentum. If you find it, will you please send it back to me. I’d really like to get this project in the bag.)

2. Clean my house without professional help. (I don’t actually see this one happening, but the list just said “current goals.” It said nothing about goals being possible to attain.)

3. Making it to the end of this challenge without missing too many days. (I did a 7 day Grateful Challenge on Facebook and totally forgot to post on day 7.  I have a tendency to not finish what I start. See #1)

4. Lose 5 pounds before October 4th (My niece is getting married in Texas, and who in America doesn’t want to lose at least five pounds. It’s more a matter of solidarity than vanity. Really.)

5. Make it through yet another one of Effy’s play productions without eating my weight in popcorn

Photo Credit: The Historic Ruffin Theater
Photo Credit: The Historic Ruffin Theater

(She’s one of the Wicked Witch’s cats in The Wizard of OZ – based on the books not the movie. The theater makes the best popcorn and it’s only $1. It’s like they don’t want me to reach my #4 goal and are conspiring against me. I thought we were in this together?)

5 Not-so Easily Attainable Current Goals:

1. Get out of debt (Again, I see this as an All-American goal – as in all Americans are trying to get out of debt. We are doing David Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, and we should be debt free by 2016. Yay! How about you?)

2. Finish the book about my parents (Whew. This may take awhile. I’ve been working on it for a few years. I am in the research stage, but that tendency not to complete thing keeps looming over my shoulder….)

3. Finish raising two well-adjusted people who will be productive members of society (I’ve heard that adulthood now begins at 25 years of age instead of the traditional 18. That’s much longer than I anticipated. Prayers are welcomed.)

4. Finish my education by getting my Ph.D. (This has actually been a life-long goal. I keep putting it off to do other things, like get married, have kids, move across the country, homeschool, etc. One day it will happen. One day.)

5. Take a trip to Europe (One month is all I need.)

Everyone has goals, and it is important to identify them. I’ve also heard that identifying a date of completion helps one to achieve the goal. I’ve never found that to be true, probably because I can easily change the date and I am lenient with myself; whereas, I am more inclined to complete a project or achieve a goal if I have accountability imposed upon me from a stern outside source that is not my husband.

How about you? Do you and I have any of the same goals?


One thought on “Writing Challenge Day 8: My top 5 goals

  1. Finishing my laundry room would be wonderful. I’m not sure it is really a goal for me as I have a feeling it will never get done even tho I only have a couple pieces of trim to paint and hang.
    I have someone who comes in and cleans…it helps me in the area of sanity…I can not handle knowing the unseen parts of my house are dusty and dirty and yet my job keeps me exhausted so I can not get them cleaned without help. The only help I could find wanted money.
    I love being out of debt and if we weren’t it would certainly be a goal. I haven’t figured out how we ever lived ‘in’ debt since we don’t seem to have any more spare change now than we did then. I suppose taking job changes into account makes up the difference, still, there is a lovely freedom to not owing anyone anything.
    I have often thought about writing a book…I don’t think it’s a serious thought, or a goal, but I do have the first paragraph, maybe sentence, and a friend told me after reading it, she wanted to read the rest of the book. I do hope she isn’t holding her breath.

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