Challenge Day 7: 5 Favorite Songs

For the life of me I cannot pick only five of songs that are my favorite.

I love music. I like all genres of music, even country. (Sorry G.) The only music I cannot abide is rap. As my twitter tag explains, “There is a reason why rap spells three quarters of the word crap.” I’ll leave it at that.

The spring of 2006, my family and I went down to Georgia (we were not looking for a soul to steal) to welcome our new baby boy, Z (a.k.a Wee Beastie), into our family. As we drove through the rolling hills and woody areas from Atlanta to Albany, it seemed only fitting to set Sirius radio to a Blue Grass station and crank it up to window-shattering decibel. My family didn’t appreciate it, but I knew my dad would, if he’d been there.

When I need to concentrate, I listen to classical. Beethoven and Bach are my go-to guys, but really any will do.  The point here is that it can’t have lyrics. Instrumentals are okay, but instrumentals of songs that have lyrics are detrimental to my concentration. I start thinking of the words, and the next thing I know, I’m off performing my own rock concert.

Old hymns, gospel, praise and worship, contemporary Christian, underground, Christian rock – I love it all. It would probably be easier to name the five songs (or song writers) I don’t like.

Adele’s Grammy-award winning CD “21” is a love story waiting to be written. I can see the movie in my head while she croons out her soul-wrenching, attitude-adjusting, confidence-finding lyrics.  In case you are thinking, “Finally! She’s picked one!” It’s only fair to tell you that I find this true with almost every song I hear. I see the movie in my head, or the book in my hand.

I love show tunes, too. It is not beyond me to jump off the couch and break into an impromptu choreography. How does one sit still to Somewhere Over the Rainbow or Singing In the Rain?

A long road trip demands classic rock and yes, again sorry G, vintage country.  I’m sure Ted, Bruce, and the rest of the guys (and when I say guys I’m including Pat, Lita, Heart, and the rest) will be happy to share some room with Johnny, Willie, Merle, Patsy, Loretta and the guys. There might be some room for Wynona, too (that’s not supposed to be a fat joke).

I even like the mind-numbing Lego tune “Everything is awesome!” Hey, like it or not, there are some perfect instances that the song fits, and I am not above chirping it out when appropriate.

Sorry, folks. I just can’t do it. I cannot choose only 5 songs.

It just can’t be done.

Can you choose only 5 songs? If so, what are they?



One thought on “Challenge Day 7: 5 Favorite Songs

  1. America…because Eric sings it, while playing drums, and he is really amazing. Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress…because Dan said it was about me waaaaay back when he was in Vietnam. Smoke on the Water…because I love the intro. It is Well with my Soul…because it is. And one from back in the early 70’s or late 60’s…I never remember the name until it comes on the radio and then it’s crank it up and blow out the windows. I hate rap. I don’t mind anything else but I seldom, if ever, have a radio or anything going on…I like my silence. If I have a radio on it is to a sermon station and not because I am necessarily listening but because it is usually soft and non-committal sounds, altho, if something interesting is said I will tune in. I don’t like anything invading my thoughts and getting me off track. Or at least, I think that is what it is.

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