Challenge Day 5: My Proudest Moment(s)

My proudest moment is actually a bunch of similar moments that happen over time.

This sounds so cliché, but my proudest moments are seeing my kids step into their gift arena. What I mean by that is I strongly believe that each and every person has been given certain gifts and that we find joy when we are in the throws of using those gifts.

G is gifted at group activity. She doesn’t want to be the star. She wants to be a team player. She’s very good at it. During out years in Nebraska, she was involved in competitive dance. Every time she stepped out onto the stage, I had to make an effort not to literally cry with pride. Likewise, when we moved to Tennessee, she became a member of a huge marching band. F and Z would search my face at the end of the performance to see if I had tears in my eyes. I usually did. We recently went to Texas to see her preach her very first sermon as an intern. Again, I was bursting with pride as she talked to a room of teenagers learning the hard lessons that God tries to teach us.

G’s Senior Year – 2011-12 Nationals in Baltimore

F has been gifted with an abundance of personality and grit. Every time she steps onto the softball field,

Effy warming up before a game.
Effy warming up before a game.

she changes into another person right before my eyes. That grit and determination to win is evident in her eye, and I know she was born to compete.  She’s almost a shape shifter. When she steps onto the stage, she is turns into whatever character she is playing: a hobbit that makes the audience laugh, a bossy school girl who scares all the boys, or a nasty witch’s black cat.  She is also the only kid I’ve met who can actually cry real tears on cue. I’m also a weepy wreck when she’s performing on the field or on stage.

Wee Beastie racing after the ball.
Wee Beastie racing after the ball.

Z is my Wee Beastie, and yes, I get tears in my eyes when I see him doing his thing. He is gifted with incredible athletic talent, and he chooses soccer to develop that talent; although, he can do almost anything after two or three tries. When he was five, he showed a woman selling hula hoop on Navy Pier how to actually hula hoop when he noticed she couldn’t keep it going after two or three spins. The next summer, he won a hula hooping contest at Lulu’s in Gulf Shores, AL. He is an easy going kid who like a physical challenge.

Accomplishments are not the only moments I am proud to call myself their parent. They are just the easiest to identify.  All three of my kids are compassionate human beings – which they didn’t get from me. They don’t like to see people hurting, emotionally or physically. Effy would deny this in a heart beat. She likes people to think she has this hard heart when, in fact, she is moved very deeply by another’s pain.

When they show compassion toward others is another one of my proudest moments.

I am certain that the list maker didn’t intend for the prompt to be answered in such a cliché manner, and I could have easily said that getting my M.A. in English was the proudest moment. That wouldn’t be an un-truth.

These little moments – seeing the joy on my children’s faces as they use their gifts and talents – make me proud because it proves that I did something right. Proverbs 22:6 reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” To many, teaching one’s children about Christ is “the way he should go.” To others, it may also include discipline, teaching one’s children right from wrong.

I agree with both of those interpretations; however, I also find them short sighted. I believe to train one’s child also includes identifying their personalities, their gifts, and their talents and then training them how to use them in a productive manner. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are so very different. Because they are so different, I can’t lump them into the same category and call it quits. Inevitably, one them will not be finding the joy through the use that God intended them to experience when He put them together they way He did.

Therefore, when I witness the joy my children experience when they are in their gift arena, it is my proudest moment. I did something right.

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