Homeschool: How We Did It (part 1)

School is officially out for summer break, and I can now resume blogging.

You may ask yourself, “Didn’t the kids go to school leaving me with more time on my hands?”

No and no.

They didn’t leave for school. They stayed home for school, leaving me with less time on my hands than I had anticipated.

That’s right. After two years of badgering, my Effy got her way and we decided to homeschool last year.

When I presented the idea to my husband, his only request was that we find somewhere other than the kitchen table and living room to hold class. He was privately thinking that we would transform the upstairs play area into a classroom while the kids and I had a totally different idea.

Effy and had been camping in Z’s room for most of the summer, so last July, the kids and I started transforming Effy’s bedroom into a classroom.

This is what we did:

We cleaned it out.


We cleaned it up.


We prepped it for painting.


We painted…

and painted...

and painted…


and painted…

and painted some more.

Then we filled it with classroomy stuff.

We used Effy's old bookshelves and bought a card table and chairs from Target.

For the above picture: we used already-owned bookshelves to hold “library books” and to provide easy access to pencil and marker boxes, games and easy-access art supplies. Already-owned plastic drawers that were once used for baby supplies are now used to turn in assignments and hold art and teacher supplies. An old footstool for reading is used for 1 of 2 reading corners. I bought a card table and three folding chairs and two “milk crates” from Target.

And we filled it some more:

and filled it...

For the above picture: a smaller already-owned bookshelf holds teachers manuals, CDs, files, and masters. The desk and the clock were moved from the upstairs playroom to house the computer (which wasn’t back from its trip to the spa, a.k.a. maintenance, when the picture was taken) and to help us tell time, respectfully. The trash can was purchased from Target.  Flag was purchased from Lowes.

And then we filled it a little more:

The Word Wall and Reading Tree. Both purchased from The Knowledge Tree.

The Word Wall and Reading Tree were both purchased from and laminated by The Knowledge Tree.

Hung pre-owned Weekly Work Schedule and whiteboard.  Both purchased from either Office Max or Office Depot about three year ago.

I hung the pre-owned Weekly Work Schedule and whiteboard (both are self-adhesive, peel-and-stick products, that are completely removable without damage to the wall) I purchased from Office Depot about three years ago; however, similar products may be purchased at At A Glance.

Here is a close-up of the Weekly Work Schedule. I labeled each day with the lesson number (L4, L5, L6, etc) and divided the day in half to accommodate each kid’s lessons.

Close-up of the Weekly Work Schedule after it was affixed to the wall


And after I filled it in with the first weeks work.
And after I filled it in with the second weeks work.

 And then we gave our school a name.wpid-imag1614.jpg

I was planning to blog my experiences; however, I was so busy with preparing lessons, correcting, and getting used to the new lifestyle of being a homeschooling family (and the homeschooling lifestyle is a real thing, especially if you’re going to do it right), I just did not have the time.

Here I am.  All three of us made it through, and I can honestly say that only the first six months were torturous and then we hit our stride.

All’s well that ends well. Right?

I hope so, because we are doing it again next year.



What are your thoughts?

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