Monday Morning Coffee and a Poem

photo credit: - creative coffee and cafe logos
photo credit: – creative coffee and cafe logos

As I was unpacking some boxes of books the other afternoon, I happened across some old pocket folders containing poems and short stories I had written during the 2000 Nebraska Rural Writing Institute.  The following poem is one of the pieces that I forgot that I had written.

God Forbid

God forbid
I stop knowing your power
and try to walk
this life
again on my own;
I ever stop believing
that all things work
together for good
for those that
know You;
that for everything
there is a season
and a purpose
under heaven;
that a mustard seed
of faith ever stops
being enough.

God forbid
that You become
a religion to me,
something talked about
only to certain people,
and worshiped
only on Sunday;
I ever think of You
as a genie in a bottle
or put you in a box,
only to bring You
out when it is
convenient or desirable;
that I speak of You
as only a subject for
children’s stories
and songs, equal in
importance to
the Easter bunny and Santa.

God forbid
I stop being the
salt and light,
becoming the hearer
and not the doer;
I become so hard pressed,
or struck down
that I stop believing
that my strength,
and life are
in You.

God forbid
that I forget
who you are:
my King,
Abba Father,
Source of Strength,
Healer and
Center of my

God forbid
Jesus ever starts caring
how many times
I make a mistake,
slam the door,
or walk away.

God forbid.

God forbid.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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