My Project List: Screen Door

At the end of my post It’s All In My Head, I listed all the projects I had decided to do after my last huge migraine. I had immediately started on a couple of them: de-cluttering my bedroom and taking stuff to Good Will, but hadn’t finished any of them. There will never be an end to de-cluttering because no matter how many times I tell them where items actually go, no one ever puts it there, and because I’d rather poke my own eyeballs out with a searing hot stick than have a garage sale, donating stuff to Good Will is a way of life.

A few days after assembling my headache-hangover list, my family gave me the opportunity to finish those projects. They packed up and went to Six Flags Over Texas for 4 days.

I tried, but did not accomplish all of them.

Just one. *Sigh*

And then I added to my list after realizing that it wasn’t on the list in the first place, and it would to be the only one I actually finished.

I needed a victory.


Whilst my family was enjoying themselves in Fort Worth, TX, a place to where my husband has determined we will never move, I started in on my screen door project.

I had actually bought the screen door in May when the refreshing spring breezes blew. Two months later, I painted and installed it when the sticky Memphis heat blankets like a winter coat.

I cleared a space in our garage (may have to add “organizing garage” that to the to-do list), set up Tim’s saw horses (a new pair has been added to his Christmas list), removed the screen, and started painting.

Once I got it painted, I was ready to attach the hinges. When I set the door in the frame, it didn’t fit.

Poop. I forgot to measure.

My confidence bubble lost air fast, so I enlisted the help of a couple jack-of-all-trades friends of mine. After a few touch-ups, the door was ready to be hung when Tim and the kids got home from vacation.

The upside to all this is that I’m ready for Finter – the time of year when Fall is transforming into Winter and the dry cool air is blowing again. The breeze can cool my house whilst it travels in my front windows and out my screen door.

Or visa versa.

What do I care as long as it travels through my house?

Here is my new screen door.


The spring makes that great toi-ing sound when the door is opened. But the sound I adore most is the loud clapping noise when it shuts. I’ve gone in and out of it a bazillion times just to hear it clap, and in my head I can hear my dad yelling, “Stop running in and out of the house!”

It’s wonderful.

2 thoughts on “My Project List: Screen Door

  1. OMG- this is so funny. We bought an old farmhouse. What’s the first thing I want to do? Put a wood door on the front so I can hear it creak open and slap shut. I’ve already picked it out. Funny what we remember from our childhoods.

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