Random Thoughts Friday #30

Random Thoughts

1. I get so excited when I log on to my dashboard and see an orange plus sign light up in the upper right hand corner of my screen, and then my feel-good bubble is burst when I find out that yet another “make money from your blog” blogger has added themselves to my readership.

2. Why am I surprised when my children bring a ton of kids to our yard to play when I specifically tell them not to?  I should know that making such a request only guarantees they will do exactly what I don’t want them to do.

3. Sometimes I think it would be easier to run away, but then I think about how my life would be so boring without them.

4. And then I think, “Wait, they so deserve me” (insert evil laugh).

5. Every time I start whining to myself that everything sucks, I hear myself advise, “Then make it better.”  Gall, I’m annoying.

Have a wonderful weekend, and tell me some of your random thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #30

  1. AGREED about the make money blogging let-downs…so disappointing, and then i get annoyed that i even clicked on their blog to see who they were! i better not be helping them make that money! 🙂

  2. Gosh, I don’t even know how to identify those types of bloggers. On the topic of random thoughts, I’m reading the book ‘Imagine,’ on how the creative mind works. Random thoughts come from the minds of geniuses 😉

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