Random Thoughts Friday #29

Random Thoughts

1. I need to be more consistent with my Random Thoughts.

2. G and I were talking in her room one morning, and as I reached over to flick the light on, I said, “I’m turning your light on. I don’t like standing in the dark. Although, metaphorically, I’m usually in the dark, I don’t like to literally stand in the dark.”  “You scare me sometimes, Mother.”  “This is the type of conversation that I usually have going on in my head. Now that you’re here, I have someone to talk to and out it comes.”

3. I have high hopes for this summer.  We will be doing a lot of bowling and skating thanks to Kids Bowl Free and Kids Skate Free.  There are summer camps galore thanks to Tipton County’s School Age Child Care program, and I have already declared that Eff and Z will be attending every VBS I can find.  It’s going to be a very good summer.


What are your thoughts?

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