Early Saturday morning, my husband and I packed suitcases in the back of the car and kids in the backseat and headed out on a thirteen hour road-trip back to our hometown in Nebraska (normally a ten-hour trip, but with kids and peeing and eating… well, you know) for my husband’s Aunt Betty’s funeral.

Her’s was an unexpected death, so there wasn’t much time to plan or prepare. Tim quickly put in for bereavement days. , I excused the kids out of school after a house and dog sitter was found, and we took off.

Northeast Nebraska in late April.
Northeast Nebraska in late April.

It was a quick trip. Driving all day on Saturday. Church and visitation on Sunday. Funeral on Monday. Drive home on Tuesday.

One doesn’t think too much can happen.

One would be wrong.

In the time we were gone, a wasp bit our oldest dog, the leash got jacked up, and our cable/internet was disconnected.

Our house/dog sitter texted late Monday night to let me know that Daisy’s eye was looking raw and wondered what we wanted her to do. There really wasn’t anything she could do. She wasn’t available during the vet’s normal business hours, so we told her to keep an eye on it and we would be home Tuesday evening.

This is what we found Tuesday evening when we got home:

Sweet, gentle Daisy Mae

As it swelled, Daisy rubbed and scratched it until it was raw. Poor thing.

Wednesday morning, I took her to the vet where he determined it was probably a wasp bite that she irritated by scratching.  She is now on antibiotics and steroids.

Once we returned home and Daisy medicated, I grabbed the leash to take Queen Sophie for a walk and this is what I found:

It was old and creaky, so I wasn’t sad to see it go.

The retractable leash was jammed with the cord fully extended. I couldn’t resist publicly teasing our dog sitter via Instagram™ with the above two photos and statements wondering if she secretly hated us. She doesn’t, and we still love her. Poor girl, everything seem to go wrong when she walked in the door.

On the bright side, I found this on the kitchen counter amid the mound of mail our house sitter collected over the three days we were gone.


It wasn’t supposed to arrive for another week, but I was so happy to find the dog training kit I ordered after the nipping incident (click for part one and part two).  I watched the first couple of episodes Wednesday afternoon and started the training straight away.

Once finished with Queen Sophie’s first training lesson, I sat down to fold some laundry and watch an afternoon movie. That’s when I found out that the cable and internet had been disconnected while we were gone. I meant to pay it on our way out of town Saturday morning, but forgot. Then I was going to pay when we returned home, but forgot.

So there I was with no cable and no Nexflix, so I took a nap. I was exhausted.

On our way to church Wednesday night, I dropped the cable/internet payment off and took the kids to Dairy Queen to eat. We needed something pleasant to change the tone of the day, or at least I needed something pleasant. It helped for about an hour.

At church, I found out Queen Sophie tried to attack a dog in the middle of the street while its human was walking it. Did I mention the human had a cast on his arm? Yeah. The training videos definitely came none too soon.

I fell exhausted into bed that night, ready for the day to be over and praying the morning would bring something a little more pleasant.

I can’t get enough of Sedaris!

My prayers were answered Thursday morning. The kids were ready for school early. Queen Sophie responded very well to training. But the most delightful happening was when the mailman brought me three wonderful packages: two David Sedaris books, a wonderfully soft linen set, and The Emotion Thesaurus.

How many ways can you describe excitement? Why 158 according to this book.

I guess life is back to normal.

That makes me happy (or should I say ‘that makes me desirous to spread joy and make others feel good’).


2 thoughts on “Nebraskaland

  1. Yes, he can. I have to keep myself from devouring his new book until I finish Northanger Abbey. I have too many half read books because something else has caught my fancy, and David Sedaris knows just how to catch my fancy! 🙂

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