Random Thoughts Friday #24

Random Thoughts

You might detect a little snarkiness in my writing today.  I’ve been feeling a little snarky lately.

1. A TV advertisement for a bail bonding company in Memphis says, “You don’t plan on getting arrested, but when you do…” Wow, so simple yet so deep. I can see it. The scene: two individuals about to rob a business. Robber #1: “You know we’re going to get arrested for this.” Robber #2: “That’s the plan.”

2. I overheard a friend of mine tell someone “my dream was so visual!” Really? That’s so surprising for a dream.

3. I know I posted this in my Wednesday post, but it’s true. Pinching the skin on your elbow, no matter how hard, doesn’t hurt. Go ahead. Try it. You know you want to.

4. To the Dude who called me and then yelled at me over the phone because I couldn’t understand what you were saying, take the dried crusty sock out of your mouth and speak as if you received an education, and this problem virtually disappears.

5. To the lady behind me in the cashier’s line at Target, put the divider stick in between our purchases, and I won’t end up with half your groceries. Again, the problem virtually disappears.

Photo credit: eonline.com
Photo credit: eonline.com

6. On a less snarky side, Dancing With the Stars premiers Monday evening and the cast looks, well, interesting.  I have a feeling Jacoby Jones, wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, will do well, and D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick are sure to entertain.  The cast member I am truly interested in watching is Wynonna Judd. The woman has an incredible set of pipes, but does she have legs?

Have a wonderful, snark-free weekend, and take a moment to tell me what you’re thinking.


What are your thoughts?

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