Random Thoughts Friday #22

Random Thoughts

1. Effy rolling on the floor wincing in pain. Me: “What’s wrong?” Eff: “I think I bruised my uvula.” Self to Me: Don’t freak out. It’s that hangy-down thing in the back of your mouth, remember? Me: “Eff, you can’t bruise that.”

2. I’d like to thank The Eagles and America for teaching me how to harmonize. And Mr. Blackman, too.

3. A nice long, hot, soapy shower does wonders for one’s perspective.

4. I overheard some people talking about the Grammys. The man asks, “Did you see Ellen Degenerate?”

5. Every morning, I wish I homeschooled my children, so I don’t have to get up so early. Then I remember I’d have to teach them. “Wakey-wakey, kids!”

6. Totally me, but then I feel compelled to explain it to the person sitting next to me.

book title

7. The Bridge Rebuttal from XKCD:


It’s a little harder to find a logical rebuttal to “If all of your friends decided to poop in the middle of the street, would you do that, too?”


What are your thoughts?

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