A Lesson on Valentine’s Day

Our church has a group of courageous high school students who want to experience an uncommon depth in their relationship with Christ. Recently, I and the youth pastors took them to a homeless shelter to serve supper. The students donated the ingredients for chili, prepared it and served it.

Below is a my morning post to the group’s Facebook page. Some of it will make sense, but parts of it won’t. Just read.

So it’s Valentine’s Day…. 
The day of luuuuuuuuv…
I’m not going to talk about that.

 How many of you have been thinking non-stop about your experience with serving at the homeless shelter?  
Yeah, me, too.

 Of all of the needs that were pointed out to us, I keep coming back to one thing (and it really isn’t a need): the heart of giving that Pastor Burnett possesses.  Did you know that when he found out there was a single mother with two children who had no furniture except two beds for her children, he packed up his own living room – HIS OWN LIVING ROOM – couches, tv, end tables, lamps, the works! and gave it to her, so she could feel like she had a home.

Yes, I’m crying as I write this.

Maybe this is about love after all ’cause folks, that’s love.

That’s love.

 Acts 30:35 (AMP) In everything I have pointed out to you [by example] that, by working diligently thus we ought to assist the weak, being mindful of the words of the Lord Jesus, how He Himself said, “It is more blessed – makes one happier and more to be envied – to give than to receive.”

The student’s willingness to go somewhere foreign and uncomfortable has kindled a flame in our church. People in the church are literally coming out to of the woodwork wondering how they can be involved. Those teenagers have no idea what they have stirred in our adults.

They just want to go back.


4 thoughts on “A Lesson on Valentine’s Day

    1. Thank you. The students will be returning about every other month. I’m not sure if the students understand the impact they have made on our congregation. We have had many adults and adult leaders of ministries want to know how to connect. It was definitely a 1 Timothy 4:12 experience.

      1. I love to hear positive stories about teens. I am a high school teacher and see kids do so many amazing things, yet society still likes to portray them in a negative light. Sounds like some wonderful seeds have been planted!

        1. All it takes is a little encouragement, opportunity, and guidance and they really amaze themselves (and many others). Teach them while they are young, and when they get older, they won’t stray from it. 😉

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