Random Thoughts Friday #20

Random Thoughts

1. I mailed a request to the Harris County District Court for copies of my mother’s custody battle for my brother, #3.  She never talked in detail about it, for good reason, so I’m a little nervous to read the transcripts of the hearing.

2. Heidi Klum, I beg of you, learn to pronounce hair. I do not know this ‘heh-ah’ of which you speak.

3. I hate, hate, hate having a GREAT secret that I can’t share. It is eating me alive!!

4. Last week ended our church’s corporate fast. I am an encourager and caller out of injustice by nature, and apparently, the latter is amplified exponentially in proportion to the days I’ve been without meat.

5. Does a new evil really need to rise in Mordor?

photo credit: lotr.wikia.com
photo credit: lotr.wikia.com

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #20

  1. hah, oh heidi and her accent. also…you’re ending your fast right before lent comes, so make sure to take advantage of fat tuesday before the sporadic lenten fasting starts!

    1. I am not of a denomination that observes lent, traditionally, but I love the lenten season, and I apologize for the insensitivity and sacreligious sound of this statement, because the restaurants have amazing fish specials! 🙂

    1. Please don’t because that will make it even harder to keep it a secret! Hopefully I will have permission soon to share – or maybe in 10 years – because it’s a funny story!

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