2013 Reading List

I am republishing this list (original found here) for a couple of reasons.

  • I like to share my reading lists.
  • This will help me stay accountable and on track with my reading goals.

In my pursuit to be better, I will be diversifying my writing skills by adding the occasional book review. I don’t usually write reviews, so this is going to be a challenge.  The books that are already crossed off the list were started and finished between October and January. I will be reviewing these first.

2013 reading wish list:

What book do you suggest I add to my list?


4 thoughts on “2013 Reading List

  1. Very eclectic taste! I like it. I have only read a few of these. I loved Animal Farm. The whole premise i brilliant. I have to warn you. My entire book club vehemently HATED Saving Fish From Drowning. It was horrible. Let me know if you like it–I am dying to know. I just finished reading two awesome books though. “When God was a Rabbit” by Sarah Winman and “Memoirs of An Imaginary Friend” by Matthew Dicks.

    1. I anything and everything. I like to keep my conversational fodder bag full. 😉 I’m sorry that you didn’t like Saving Fish. It was recommended by a friend of mine, so hmmmmm. The controversy fans my excitement! I haven’t heard of either of your recommendations, so thank you! I will be checking them out.

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