Books I Recommend But Will Not Lend #2

This is my go to quote when trying to convince my husband I need yet one more bookcase in the house.

Reading books isn’t just a past time for me. It’s breathing. Books are more than sustenance, they are a requirement for my life’s spark. This may sound over dramatic, but if I can’t have books, I’ll die. Not physically, but that part of me that makes me “me” will struggle to exist if I can’t have time and space to devour a book.

So maybe this quote from Cicero is more accurate for me:

I am constantly on the search for engaging narratives, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, whatever.  I have a Kindle and am a member of GoodReads, book clubs, and, am on Reading Group Choices’ mailing list, and subscribe to a few dozen literature-based blogs. A good book club is my next appendage to acquire.

Once I own a book (or a book owns me), I tend to hold on to it, and have a very strong aversion to lending them to anyone, which I explained in my October 5, 2011 post, but another reason I won’t lend is because, technically, I haven’t “read” them at all. I have listened to a few of them.

At first, listening to an audio book felt like cheating on my spouse. There was a twinge of guilt the next time I picked up a book to read. I felt like it knew I was getting stories on the side. Listening to a book felt a little dirty, too, like I imagine phone sex would be. You do the duty without ever getting the goods. I don’t “read” all literature this way, but it does come in handy when traveling or doing dishes.

Here is this years list of books that I recommend but won’t lend. Happy reading!

I joined a book challenge in January to read 4 “Chunkster” novels (600+ pages) this year. I finished two so far (yes I read the actual novel). I liked them but not enough to recommend them. I am adding them anyway to see if any of you have read them and like them.

A new addition to the yearly post is my wish list. I plan to read/listen to all of these, but considering I am a slow reader, I may not get to all of them. Some I have read before and some are new to me. This isn’t a complete list. I have left room for others texts I find throughout the year.

2013 reading wish list:

That’s it folks.  My lists, my lists, my lists. If you have read some of the ones I have posted, please leave me a comment and tell me how you liked it (or didn’t like it). I would love to know what you are reading, too!

A day without reading is a day wasted.

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6 thoughts on “Books I Recommend But Will Not Lend #2

  1. Hey I was just thinking a needed to ask you for a book list. We are headed into prime “reading time” for me! Thanks!!

  2. The Hour I First Believed is not my favorite Wally Lamb book. Just okay. I JUST today finished Wild. Great book and would recommend it too. The best book I’ve read this year, and possibly one of my all-time favorites? The Glass Castle. If you haven’t read it, drop everything right now and go get it. I might even read it again.

    • I just finished Wild a couple of days ago and loved, loved, loved it! I haven’t read The Glass Castle. It will go straight to the top of my list. Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. I just noticed the James McBride book; he was just at UNO a couple of weeks ago. Cool cat.

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