Random Thoughts Friday #15

1. About a week ago, I found this blog and really like this post in particular: Wordhacking made easy

2. Sometimes I feel like I’ve fallen so far down the mountain that I am starting from the bottom. Again.

3. I really want to have a scholarly discussion about the implications of a character’s decision in a novel that has had an impact on multiple levels of culture and how people move and breathe and live in said culture so much I can taste it. It’s tastes like a deep pang for coffee or Twizzlers.

4. Twizzlers are the absolute best traveling snack on earth.  Yes, on earth bar none.  When I can find a package of black licorice Twizzlers, God himself has smiled down upon me and confirms that I am His favorite. For reals.

5. Holy crapoli, parenting is hard, and I sometimes I make it even harder by being an absolute bucketheaded nincompoop. So very sorry for my nincompoopery, G. You didn’t pick me, but you have the extra-special challenge of living with me. I love you for trying. 😉

6. Just embrace the poop-stain moments in life, for without them, life would be stagnant.

7. Sometimes after dropping the kids off at school, I feel like running away. It really is dependent upon how the morning goes. The thought floats around for only a couple of minutes before I come to my sense and realize Who am I kidding? How can I deprive them of all the freakin’ awesome memories they will have of living with me?! That’s just too much cruelty. Too much.

8. I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog to Nincompoopery. It seems to fit the byline “Bad decisions make good stories.” What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #15

    1. My mother used to call us nincompoops from time to time, so I thought it fit. I’m glad you like it. I am non-discriminatory when it comes to Twizzlers. I love them all!!

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