Random Thoughts Friday #13

I’m still a little melancholy this week. G came home for the extended Labor Day weekend and everything seemed right in the world.  Then she went back to school. It’s so silly because I talk to her multiple times during the day every day (thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and texting), which got me to thinking …

1. The cell phone really is the world’s longest umbilical cord.

2. “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is the most mind-numbing, intellegence-sapping show on TLC, if not all of television.   Why are we rewarding stupidity? Have we stooped so low that idiocy is the only entertainment left to us?

3. Please don’t tell me that I’m not going to like something. You are more than welcome to explain to  me why you don’t like something, but please do not assume that I won’t like something based on what you do or do not like.  It’s irritating.

4.No. Actually, when you assume, you make an ass out of you, not me.

5. I miss my old washing machine with the agitator.  It got my clothes clean in the first wash, and it didn’t stink.  I have given the front loader a good three-year try, and at the end of the month (if all goes well) we will be parting ways.  I just may celebrate.

6. All that glitters is not gold.  All who wander are not lost.

7. All who wonder are not lost. (My Christian friends will get this one. Eventually.)

8. There is something disturbing about an eight year old telling you, “we both have issues.”

9. Okay, International Delight. I’ll try you, but if you are nothing like the Italian Sweet Cream I’m used to then it’s right back to Coffee-Mate for this girl. (I actually said this outloud to the bottle while standing by the dairy case, so technically it isn’t a “thought;” although, it is a good example how starved for adult conversation I really am.)

Have happy thoughts and a wonderful weekend!


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #13

    1. Okay, so I am a Christian and I am still wondering? I’m obviously a not-too-bright member of the fold. lol. When you say I will get it “eventually,” what do you mean by eventually–in a couple of minutes, hours, or–Heaven forbid, years. lol.

      1. Haha! I come from a rigid background where wondering about the validity of certain beliefs was unaccepted. When voicing my questions, many times I was met with “I will pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you.” What they really meant to say is “you make me uneasy, and you should stop thinking and just beleive what we teach you.” How is one supposed to believe if they don’t understand? I realize that we accept many things in faith – Jesus’s redemptive act on the cross for one, and gravity for another – however, everyone should be able to wonder. I’m sure you would have gotten there in minutes all by yourself. =)

  1. Must ask–“did anyone notice you talking to your International Delight in the dairy aisle?” If so, how did they react? I also talk to food, but have yet to do it in public. Yay you!!
    I bought a new washer last year and, after hearing horror stories about front loaders, I opted for the new Maytag agitator-less top-loader. I love it. Still needs the funny soap, but it doesn’t smell. And I’m on a well. (Hey, that rhymes.)

  2. I’m not sure if anyone heard me. When I realized that I had spoken out loud to a bottle of creamer, I ducked my head and went to get sandwich cheese. =)

    I thought I was right uptown and being all eco-friendly with a front loader, but there is so much maintenance – leaving the door open and dispenser drawer open to thwart mold issues, wiping down the rubber around the drum to prevent mold and mildew, washing the washer (for pete’s sake!) with special detergent to remove odor – BAH! I found a Maytag (head nod) with a full agitator. I feel like the grandma who refused to stop using her old washboard and wringer. Oh, well. Let the young’uns feel uptown. I want clean clothes.

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