Random Thoughts Friday #9

1. I haven’t had many random thoughts this week.

2. Who can have a random thought when the Olympics are happening? Although the men’s water polo team was a little distracting, and I heard Wednesday’s women’s water polo wardrobe malfunction got Twitter all abuzz.  Or so Yahoo! Sports says. I missed it.

3. School started this week.  The kids’ supply lists are astronomically long.  My first grader, besides bringing the usual binders, folders and box of kleenex, has to bring 12 glue sticks, 24 pencils, a ream of colored copy paper, a ream of colored card stock,  and a container of antibacterial wipes.


What the heck are they going to be doing that each kid needs 12 glue sticks?  Would a hammer and nails be more efficient? Oh, and by the end of the year, he better have perfect penmanship and one heck of a callous on his left middle finger (he’s left-handed) if he needs 24 pencils and three composition notebooks to get through the year.

4. The only way I can stand my kids is one at a time or from a distance.

5. That’s not true, but it’s funny.  I’m all up in my kids’ business.

6. I am always finding things out too late to take full advantage, but I will be taking full advantage of these next summer.

  • Kids Bowl Free – K-12 students receive 2 games of bowling per day throughout the summer.  Click on the state in which you live to see a list of participating bowling allies in your area, fill out a short registration form and *pow* you’re done! Coupons are emailed to you weekly.  .  For a one time nominal fee ($24), parents and a few other adults (grandparents, babysitters, older siblings, etc) can also bowl two games per day all summer.  It’s great fun.  We went last week and had a blast.  ***And for my Canadian followers, there are bowling centers in your area, too.***
  • Kids Skate Free – This is basically the same arrangement.  Click on the state in which you live, choose a skate center nearest you, fill out the short registration form, and your coupons to skate free will be emailed to you.

7. Can we stop talking about chicken sandwiches and have a meaningful conversation?

8. I feel like making cookies.  This either means I’m coming down with something or it’s my kids’ lucky day!


8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #9

  1. Sometimes I just feel like making cookies too, but I’ve read lately that’s just an avoidance tactic so I don’t have to write. Reading all these “writer” magazines with advice on how not to avoid writing is also avoiding writing.

  2. Schools are demanding a lot to save their budgets. But when I was in first grade, we did perfectly fine without card stock, colored paper, glue sticks and antibacterial wipes. (We just washed our hands.)

    Now that the Olympics are on, I miss having access to commercial TV. The rest of the time, I’m very content with Netflix DVDs and Netflix streaming.

    1. I don’t mind buying extra supplies to supplement the schools lack of funding or to help out students whose family can’t afford school supplies, but it just hits a nerve when the school demands it. I just want to know what my kid needs to get through a year of school. Then let me know what extra supplies are needed. More than likely, I’ll buy it. I feel like they are trying to trick me into helping when all they have to do is ask.

      I love, love, love the Olympics. I want to see it all. I stayed up until 3 a.m. (CST) last night to watch the table tennis final. I almost curse when I have to leave the house and miss any of it! lol!

        1. Yes; although, we did get a little rain yesterday. It really wasn’t enough to revive my lawn, but it was just enough to make it little more miserable outside. I am more than content to stay inside all day, but the kids get a little restless, especially when I have the Olympics on 24/7.

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