Random Thoughts Friday #6

1. What you don’t want to read on the package of your favorite lunch meat: NEW AND IMPROVED!

2. I wonder if people who feel the need to one-up everyone (even in the slightest most insignificant way) ever consider how annoying they are. God forbid there be any contentment in the world.

3. The music of the 1940s is so relaxing.

4. A week by myself in a cabin in the mountains and I would have this outline done, not to mention be able to hear myself think again.

5. I wanted to say, “This is no time for on-the-job training, so move over and let me do it.” I didn’t. Instead I bit my lip and screamed in my head.

6. I hate seeing people text while driving.  I want to scare the crappyolios out of them, and then say, “You would have seen it coming if your eyes were on the road and NOT ON YOUR PHONE!”

7. Words I may or may not have created using “crap” as the root word: crappyolios, crapinski, craptastic (I don’t think I made this one up, but pretty sure I am the first to use it in my cirlce o’friends), crapola, crappers, crappity-crap-crap-crap… I’m sure there’s more. I’m just drawing a blank.

8. I once had a conversation with a Pastor friend about what our heavenly bodies would look like.  He said, “Of course, our heavenly bodies will look the same as our earthly bodies.  How else will we identify each other?” Choosing to forego what was bound to be a deep theological debate, I said, “Well then God and I going to have a serious conversation, because I am not going to go through eternity with no boobs and a big butt!”

Please feel free to post your random thoughts.  I’d love to hear them!


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #6

  1. As always, I look forward to your Random thoughts, but thought number 8 disturbed me immensely. I do not wish to spend eternity as a short, round person with freckles. That would be utter “crappity-crap-crap-carp” (thanks for expanding my vocabulary, by the way). Seriously, I think there will be a huge line-up to speak with God on this one. But, then again, God does have a sense of humour (look at the wiener dog). Maybe this time, the joke is on us.

    1. I am always more than happy to help others expand, even their vocabularies. 😉

      In reference to #8 (which is way less risky than saying #2), I believe that yes, God indeed has a sense of humor, and yes, we get new improved (is there a difference?) bodies. If I may get serious just for a moment, when Jesus appeared to Mary before ascending to heaven, Mary did not recognize Him. She thought He was the gardener. It wasn’t until Jesus spoke to Mary that she recognized Him. She recognized His voice. This tells me that we are going to get new bodies that are perfect and indestructible (Yay! I can finally go bungee jumping!), but we are also going to recognize each other by other means than our physical appearance. (There is a lot more that has persuaded my thinking on this – made in God’s image, souls, trading destructible for indestructible, etc – but I’ll cut it short.)

      I also think that we will know each other instantly. We won’t have to “make friends” like we do here, but this is an entirely different subject. All I want to say is I can’t wait to fist bump Jael. She wields one wicked hammer (Judges 4-5).

      1. And as an ex-debt Collector, I can’t wait to meet Matthew and exchange stories. lol. I totally agree with you. I think we will recognize one another’s souls–ooops, almost spelled that like the bottom of our feet. Although, I guess we might recognize those too. (I’ve seen some l’d like to forget). But I digress. It’s nice to have a fellow Christian to mull over the meaning of life with!! And I’d also love to meet Esau–always thought he got a bum rap–plus he’s a fellow redhead.

  2. You liked one of my blogs so I checked you out. Finally! A blogger who really knows how to write. 🙂 Your “heavenly body” remark crapped–er–cracked me up!

    1. Thank you, Monica. I enjoy your blog, too. I too was a writer without an audience until a friend suggested I start a blog. I don’t know how permanent the audience is, but at least I have an outlet. =)

      1. I was new in this community, and freelancing was hard to get going. After being a newspaper reporter for so long, I missed writing FOR someone. My husband suggested I start the blog, so I did, even though I couldn’t figure out who would ever find it. I’m glad to say it led to several freelance jobs, so you just never know!

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