Random Thoughts Friday #4

When I started Random Thoughts Friday, I thought it would be fun to share the wierd, random thoughts that run through my head on a daily basis. Since I’m usually good for about 20 out-of-the-blue bizarre thoughts a day, I was fairly confident that I could fill a weekly post with enough for back up. Well…. it seems that now that I *want* the random, non-sensical thought they are nowhere to be found!  What the hey?! Am I the only one that this happens to? (Yes, I know that it should be “to whom this happens,” I just didn’t want to sound, well, stuffy.)

Here is what I pried from my brain this week.

1. The reason I picked simple names for my children? I wanted to be able to spell them.

2. I was tempted to name them alphabetically for identification purposes. I know a dad who had his children’s names and birthdates tatooed on his arms.  His wife said it came in handy on multiple occasions.  Hmmmm… sometimes I think maybe that’s a good idea.

3. Beginning in the 8th grade and continuing until I graduated, I dedicated a scrapbook to Jim Plunkett, quarterback of the then Oakland Raiders, and I kept it under my bed. I snipped out every newspaper article I found of him because 1. he was cute, and 2. my grandmother’s maiden name was Plunkett.  I carried a hope that our families’ lines crossed in the distant past, and that I was, in fact, related to a superstar (and a cute one at that).

4. My Senior year, the inside of my locker door was plastered top to bottom with posters and pictures of Bruce Springsteen. Julianne Phillips didn’t deserve him, and it should have been me, not Courtney Cox, who was pulled up on stage to dance with The Boss in the Dancing in theDark video.

This is for you, Jody!  =)

5. I was also in love with John McEnroe my Junior and Senior year. Every Sports Illustrated featuring him on the cover was kept in a separate stack from the sports star du jour issues for easy access – under my bed next to the Jim Plunkett SI stack and the scrapbook of love. I loved that everyone hated him. Tatum O’Niel didn’t deserve him.

6. The first time I was sent to the Principal’s office was for snapping bras.

7. Shirtless old men + driving a cool car = retna-burning, stomach-heaving grossness

8. If I worked somewhere that made me yell “Welcome to ___________!” to every person who walked through the doors, I would feel compelled to yell at them until they responded in kind.

9. I think my daughter and son are in a competition to see who can get the filthiest. My daughter, F, is in the lead.  By a mile!

10. My fear right now: I’m not going to have enough random thoughts to fill a post.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday #4

  1. When I was a kid, I was madly “in love” with Tom Clements, quarterback for the CFL (haha) Ottawa Rough Riders. He’s now one of the coaches of the Green Bay Packers. There’s something about those tight pants with big shoulder things…pads?…don’t know what they call them. And, yes, I think every girl in the 80’s wanted to do the Courtney dance with The Boss!! Thanks for your random thoughts and don’t worry, more will come. (I always have something to write on when a blog idea hits.)

  2. You have some “unique” taste in men. I was a Jimmy Connors fan all the way. If I liked girls, I would have dated Chris Evert. And you are right about Bruce and Julianne. They just didn’t look right together.

    1. Hahaha! I think it’s the hair – wild and unruly. Jimmy and Chris were too “all-American boy and girl next door” types for my liking. I never missed a televised match between Connors and McEnore. I was nuts!

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