Random Thoughts Friday #2

1. Why do teenagers still giggle when you say “Number 2”?

2. (See, now you’re doing it) Why is it so easy to do the wrong thing and so difficult to the right thing?  (I think I thought of this while trying to talk myself out of bed to go running.)

3. It irritates me when Christians post pictures like the one to the right. It is both untrue and illogical (don’t get me started on the capitalization errors). Students can read the Bible and pray in school. It is their right under the constitution. Furthermore, people do not go to prison because they did not read the Bible in school.  They go to prison because they commit a crime.

4. Some weeds are pretty.

5. Is it normal for an entire family to have gas at the same time? It seems to happen at the Mandlsham on a regular basis.

6. On that note, is car exhaust basically a car fart? It smells just as nasty. (This was my 17-year-old daughter’s thought. It is akin to #1. Wanted to make that clear.)

7. Most of the time I feel like I’m chasing my tail.

8. If one of my kids brought home a friend like the red-head chick on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, well… I would have questions.  Lots and lots of questions.  

9. I wish Runzas were available outside of Nebraska.  Two blocks away from my house would be nice.

10. I would make the video link smaller, but I don’t know how and Tommy moved.

11. The eleventh item always seems superfluous.


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