One Perk To Laundry

I just found $6 in the dryer. 

Payday!!  I love finding money in the dryer.  It’s like getting an unexpected bonus, a tip per se.

I smirked while I dumped my surprise loot into the change jar that I keep in the cupboard for such finds.  I felt like I pulled one over on my husband and my kids.  If that money meant so much to them, they should have cleaned out their pockets before depositing their clothes in the hamper.  Then I realized that none of the laundry I’m pulling out of the dryer is my husbands. Okay… well, if my kids wanted to keep that money, then they should have checked their pockets before throwing their clothes in the hamper.

Then I realized that whatever money my kids had in their pockets first came from my pockets, so really I didn’t gain anything. I just got it back.

Well, it still feels better in my change jar than in their pockets.


5 thoughts on “One Perk To Laundry

  1. I washed my car last week and found nine cents. Not much you can buy with nine cents, but it was still exciting.

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