Why Don’t You Yoga?

I really want to take a yoga class. Long lean muscle appeals to me, but I’m truly afraid that I will toot in class. I can see myself becoming focused and while transitioning from Low Lung to a Downward Facing Dog I let one rip.

Low Lung {from yogajournal.com}
Downward Facing Dog {from yogajournal.com}

I have heard stories, and I am not sure that is one that I want to tell about myself or have people telling about me.  Having the instructor suggest a heafty dose of Beano before class is a horrifying thought that keeps me at home.

I’ll just buy a DVD.

What about you? Why don’t you yoga?


2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Yoga?

  1. Dr. Oz did a show with this question; he actually did a yogo pose that is supposed to make you toot, just to get all the air out. I would be mortified! I’m more embarrassed that I can’t touch my toes. I hate limber people.

    1. I am right there with you! There is zero chance of me “releasing all my air” since I will never, ever step foot into a yogo class. Ha! I’m keeping my unflexible, gassy bootie at home. =)

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